Antique Japanese Glass Floats
In times past, Japanese artisans handcrafted glass floats for
use by fishermen as they made their living off the sea.  
Occasionally, these floats (of various sizes and colors) will
wash ashore along the coasts of Alaska, Washington and
Oregon.  Many times a beachcomber will happen upon one
of these fascinating pieces of art after a winter storm.  
Sometimes, a glass float will have a Japanese symbol which
makes it even more valuable as a collectors item.
This is a small float with Japanese
symbols which is a rare find.
These floats have water inside.  I finally
found someone at a museum who told me
how water could possibly get inside a solid
glass sphere.  A large fish must have gotten
entangled in the net and the float was carried
down to a great depth under immense
pressure.  When it came back up, it expanded
and water seeped in before it regained it's
original shape.
This is a large basketball size
float that was found in
Lincoln City, Ore.  It has
barnacles and shells attached.
Very old, and large, floats with
barnacles and shells attached.
Another example of the various
colors and sizes of the floats.

* We had one that had a
mysterious foggy appearance and
I accidentally dropped it causing
it to crack a bit.  Pipe smoke
started to seep slowly out.  I
imagined the artisan  blowing pipe
smoke into it as he made it.   
Cache of floats on shore at Inn at Otter Crest in Central Oregon.
Rock in sea in background is Otter Rock.
These are beautiful handcrafted glass floats created
by Lincoln City, Ore. artisans. Each year over
2000 of these floats are hidden on the city's
beaches. It's finders keepers for the lucky  person
who finds one of these awesome treasures. Take it
to the City Tourism Bureau for authentication and
you have a valuable collector's item.   
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